Liberty Angel Quilt

Even in summer, some houses become so cold that you think you can see snow falling, but if you turn off the air conditioning the whole house becomes a sun. Mom's new Flag Day quilt is the perfect size for a lap quilt to keep you warm from your air conditioner. Or maybe it will be a baby quilt for a cute little someone with a summertime birthday. I would like to take this quilt on a trip to a cabin by a lake. Perfect for picnic and watching fireworks! Plus, if you're looking for matching decors, Mom also made a matching mugrugs (check 'em out here). 

If you look closely, you can see stars quilted allover. 

Those quilted stars from the above picture are stitched by following the stars on the backing fabric! Nice pattern, right? 

 See that yellow star? Mom had the best idea of putting yellow and red stars on the inner border, applique style! Hearts are quilted in the red corner blocks. 
She also made round corners with the Dresden patches of the outer border. And there is crappy binding to match the red and blue sequencing.

 Mom found this awesome Liberty Angel fabric which is the main panel in the middle.
More design notes on our Threadbias page.

This quilt stands at the peak of perfection thanks to our models! Lookin' good!


  1. That is a great quilt with so much added detail. I love it. I also really like the blog post narration ;)

  2. @ Sandi Colwell - We're glad to see you love our quilt. We hope it serves and a good blanket to any one who has it. We also try our best to write the best. Thanks for the like!


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