Grandma Mary's Bear


I made this bear for Grandma Mary. She is going on a trip to a family reunion. In another country. With travel on planes, trains, and even cruise ships. The trip may be hard for her because Grandma Mary has beginning stage Alzheimer's. We thought if she had a bear to travel with, it might be a little easier for her.  The bear could remind her where her seat is, which is her bed, and just be a friend as she is meeting all the new people she has known for a really long time. I hope so.

Grandma Mary's bear is purple and blue lilac flannel, extra soft! I didn't know that pink was her favorite, I only guessed what color Bear's ribbon should be.
I do love stitching bears. In fact, if you'd like a keepsake bear like Grandma Mary's, send me your favorite shirt, old blanket or most any fabric, and I would love to help make it into a special
bear for you. 



  1. Thank you, Sandi. Mary and Bear arrived home from trip today -all safe and sound :)


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