City Scape

What can you do with a strange panel like this?
Likely only 1/2 panel at that....
See; it's a very cute city, in back to back arcs. Hmmm....
No selvedge, so I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.
Have you seen this one before?
I'm making Divided By 3 by Kari Nichols for a Springtime Runner Swap at club.
I'm worried this city nightscape is more of a summertime runner.
But I can't resist playing with this big print on these giant open blocks:)

I used my phone camera to audition border placements. Do you do that too?

Binding is too wide, so the border ended up thinner than the little setting squares.
[But ThankGoodness for 24 hr. WalMart when you just
have to have black binding in a hurry, know what I mean?]
Next time I work in big print, I'll remember to cut borders extra wide to finish at ideal size.
I added the pink and blue corner sets, just to break up the continuous curves of black and white.

This was fun! I'm going to look for more big prints and go again.

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