Surprise Quilt Show

Most Saturday mornings I travel 10 miles East to the next tiny town for Writers Club.
But yesterday when I arrived, look what I found!

Burgoyne Surrounded
Local quilters showing their Valor quilts before shipping:)
I was so excited, I texted Alex, "Quilts are here!"
"Mom. they're following you," she wrote back.
Super Quilting
I kept asking every stranger I met, "Where are the rest of the quilts?"
Finally, someone took me to the "craft room." Where I found...

And for Writers' Club? Our group has grown to ten, yet everyone writes something extremely different. Success of the moment goes to Bill, who's screenplay is in post production!

I tried to Photoshop up the values in this so see you could see the red patches better.
Wishing you Quilty Surprises :)


  1. Writers and quilts in one spot!!!! That's called heaven!!

  2. Exactly right, Sandi, everything fun, plus friends and coffee, I had a great day:)
    Thanks for reading!

  3. What a lovely surprise. I am planning on doing Burgoyne Surrounded with scraps. Once I get my act together. :)

  4. Cool, Jackie, I always wanted to try that antique block too. 29 pieces? Something like that, I counted them once. Scrappy will be clever!


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