Hexagon Box and holiday thoughts

Made this hexagon box for my niece’s birthday:

Usualy I create something with poinsettias for her December birthday. But Baby Megan recently painted her room, so this time I made something to mat

This is Geta’s Flower  Box Free pattern.
I love working in mouldable interfacings, now that we’ve tried a few projects. However, I think the stuffs I had on hand were too heavy for Geta’s box. I couldn't get the last step of stitching sides to work, so I just tacked them up at the Petal joints. Actually works fine, and was super fast finish!

Wish I could make one for everyone of you who were so nice to chat with me in the hospital. It's been a month since then, but I don't want the year to end without saying how much you helped. Seems you guys that live in my phone are always awake, no matter when I need a talk:) Much appreciated! Hoping we all have a healthy New Year.
Me and Alex- she is not taller than me;)
I am sew looking forward to #BDSI
Boxing Day Sew In is my favorite SI of the year.
Maybe it's because we don't have Boxing Day here in the States, and I want in- it's such a unique holiday.
Maybe it's because it’s an extra long Sew Day, with the two holidays coming back-to-back.
Or maybe it's because it is the last holiday of the year. (You count New Year’s Eve as first holiday of next year, don't you?)
But mostly, I think it's my favorite Sew In because it is truly free time:
  • all the chores were finished for Santa’s visit
  • there are plenty of leftovers
  • everyone is occupied with their new toys
  • the holiday gifting projects are over (wheh!)
  • calendar has reset on the UFOs
See, whatever you do for BDSI is just because you want to! Guilt free of any “should bees” doing something else. Enjoy!

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