Palo Verde Easter I

Palo Verde always blooms for Easter. I love when the whole town is covered in drifts of yellow blossoms like snow.

Palo Verde Easter

Every year it looks like Palo Verde will forget Easter. But somehow, it never does.
One of my favorite times of year, I wish I could put it in a jar and keep it.

Alex drew the jar for me :)
And so I did :)
I've been thinking of a Palo Verde quilt for a long time. This is not it LOL:)
So I call it PV1, hoping I'll get to the original Easter?


I love the threads I found to match and create every element here.
I love the pieces and fabrics.
Finally got the tension right on the quilting with my old Brother!
....but together they're not working as hoped.

 What's missing????

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  1. I love the idea. Palo Verde trees are one of my favorite things about spring in Tucson, all two weeks of it. However, as an adult they make me sick when they bloom, dang it. I'd suggest blooms on the ground somehow, maybe shorter branches, but I'm being bossy. Please keep mulling it over. I look forward to seeing your design develop. Hello to Miss A!


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