Dying to try this cover quilt, Periwinkles, from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
BLOCK Magazine Late Summer 2015 - Vol. 2 Issue 4
Jackie @SewExcitedQuilt sent me this!
She shared her trip to the real life Missouri Star Quilt Co. with me.

So when Karen devised a unique fabric game for our neighborhood club,
I knew exactly the pattern I would go to!

At Christmas, Karen gave us each three 1/4 yard (9" wide) cuts. They were mystery cuts, wrapped, you couldn't see what you were picking. Next, we each invent something with them by St. Patrick's Day. It's a great game to break you out of your same old go-to stash selections.

Except......Periwinkles is a layer cake pattern. So I had to talk the pattern into 9" blocks.
Furthermore, I don't have the Periwinkle template.
How hard can this shape be?
Take your HST, fold at center, bisect the angle, and you get...
Not Periwinkles.
Ha. Should have seen that coming.
After much experimentation (and I'm sparing you all the pics, ok?),
I discerned a 3-1/2" cut makes a good Periwinkle.
LOL we shall see how it all turns out:)
Thank goodness, Pearl is supervising.
 Thanks, Jackie:)

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  1. Enjoy! Can't wait to see your finished quilt.


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