Local Themed Quilts

Here is our Saguaro Sunset hanging in a good company at show. And do you know what? It came home with some nice judges comments. Don't laugh, ok? But I thought judge comments were only for quilts with ribbons. This entering show stuff is so fun! I love a report card!!
OK, you must be laughing by now, very well. But the way I see it, if you've already gone to all the work of finishing the thing, and you really want to get better in the art, why not take a report card when you have the chance? I'm going to find more quilt contests:):):)

Road Home Quilting

 Here is President Sue hanging in President's Challenge. Yes, our President Sue was super surprised:)

Road Home Quilting

And here are more local themed quilt from this show:
The View Before They Jump by Trudy Cowan
Forest Fires are a big deal here. This is Trudy's Smokejumpers quilt. There are variegated logs quilted in the tiny border. The "smoke" is wool roving and the "fire" is machine stitching. Even in my bad phone pic you can see the depth Trudy crated by stitching half the trees before putting the backing on. Genius! Trudy says the background fabric is something hand dyed she found in an estate sale, and it has sat in stash for ages waiting for the perfect quilt! Don't you love happy stash stories?
Mogollon Rim Strata by Catherine Clark
You thought there would be lots of cactus quilts in this post? Wait, they are coming;)
But canyons and their resulting exposed rock layers are such a part of our state landscape, even school kids here can name the strata. Catherine is so creative; stash comes in strata too, right? BTW, There was a MQG retreat on the Rim last year. I wonder if Catherine's quilt started there?
Blooming Desert by Barbara Nicholson
You know Prickly Pear is my favorite:) Do you have a favorite cactus? Barbara's is extra cheery, fun batiks, perfect orange+green. Prickly pears bloom yellow and pink too, but I've found these orange blossoming ones have the best pears for making jelly.
Fork & Spoon by Liz Stark
How fun for a southwest kitchen! Reverse Applique? More "strata," this time desert novelty prints.
Yes, kitchens need quilts too, right?
saguaro spine stitches - sew cute!

Okay this next one is unusual. It is a group strip quilt in progress. I hope you can see all the fun details in this collage. There is a studio with a big window on a flower garden with quail. There's a hogan with quilts on a clothesline. And there is Sue and Sam flying a kite by delectable mountains. I've posted the attribute card at the end. I understand this will be next year's raffle quilt for guild. For sure, I'm saving for these tickets! Can you imagine when this all quilted!?!
Road Home Quilting

Happy Quilty Trails

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