One for the Road

Did I say one? How about, TWO more quilts from our show! These are sew unique, I knew you wouldn't want to miss them:
This is the Northcott panel of Flag with fireworks.  And there are real lights in it!
Yes, a fireworks quilt that lights up! Holiday lights string quilted in, with just the bulbs strategically showing through. The lights kept blinking, so it was hard to get a good pic.
From the Young Quilter Category, Fireworks by Jackson Hurford and Peter Plante.
Great job, Gentlemen!

Third Generation by Pamela Snow
This is sew super special. Modern and vintage meeting. Family portrait of quilters. And just a great plan for preserving fragile unfinished blocks. The blocks were made by a great aunt, now finished in raw-edge applique by her modern quilter niece.
I knew you'd love this one tool:)

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