Healing Steps

Tonight, a dear friend asked me for help. I don't know why I'm compelled to tell you here, nothing to do with quilts, but for whatever it is worth to you, here is what I said:

1) Identify
Catch yourself in the act, say there I go again, X. Even if you can't stop doing it right then, it is enough to give it a name. Lots of things get fixed right here.:)

2) Replace
Next time, say prayers, read a book, go for a walk, push-ups, just be ready with something to do instead.

3) Ask
Journal, why do I need X? What does it help me prevent/control? Who will I be without it? The answer is; Lord, you'll have to fill in some of these blanks. I'll do whatever it takes. Bring it.  a coer valliant rein d'impossible

4) Grieve
Kicking out your own crutch is hard. Grieve the loss of your crutch. 
This is a good place to insert ceremony/ritual. Something to bless you and prevent yourself going backward.

5) Wait
You'll be amazed how fast this all goes. Pretty quick you'll be;  wait, I see, God is amazing, suppose I had never found out....
3 things are hard: dimonds, steel, and to know one's self

You can do it!

(that last bit was Ben Franklin, of course;)

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