Custom Dolls

Meet Alwina
 She is a very special gift, 
made by custom doll artist Molly B. Vehon.
 Can you believe all the beautiful details? 
Authentic Prim handpainted face.
 Check out the tiny zombie stitches!
I got to pick the white pumpkin fabric:)
You know how hard it is to get dolls perfectly stuffed like this!
Plus, Alwina's coffee stained hands and feet are scented with cinnamon,
just another extra charming detail.

What, you'd like your own custom doll?
Or maybe you now someone who needs a gift doll??
Molly can make you a doll for any/every season.
Convo with crochet artist T.Allie of 918 Girl Creations  to get in touch with Molly.


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