How I finally learned to crochet

This is Magical Motifs Vest designed by Ellen Gormley from the Spring 2013 #5 issue of Crochet 1-2-3 (Valu-Publishing), made with Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in the recommended #205 Caribbean, and yes, it has taken me all these 4 years to finish.
When I started working on this, I didn't even know you could "CL in ring" or "around."
I believed every crochet stitch had to be IN a stitch.
Imagine my shock when I got to the picot LOL

Friends gave me impromptu crochet lessons...but I had so much to learn.
The equivalent of learning to ski at the top of a black diamond run, right?

Finally, I found a crochet book with a GREAT illustrated glossary.
(I confess, I am old school. Video training frustrates me.)
This little Leisure Arts book by Melissa Leapman did the trick, 
Hats and Scarves:  12 Designs to Crochet
Here I even learned double treble. Plus, there's more fun projects to fit my new well earned crochet addiction.
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Vest has eleven 5-row doilies joined by rosettes.
I'm impressed with Ellen's design

The variegated "Caribbean" yarn brings it all together.
 That smile makes it all worth the finish:)


  1. That came out very well! It's gorgeous!

    1. Hi Gretchen, thanks! This project was a great puzzle to sort out, LOL more fun than sudoku. I think I'd like to make another one.


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