No Fuss Nesting Bag Corners

Is this hipster?
I was going for hipster style messenger bags LOL.

Anyhow, here are more novelty fabric bags, this time... reversible :)

Reversible is so cool, don't you think? You get not one, but two, cool fabrics. And the functionality of the thing is also doubled. I love reversible!

I'm using fusible hem tape to help in nesting the bag corners.

Yes, I could cut off the boxing triangles. But for me, that is still too bulky. And I worry they won't be strong enough. Likely they will tear out, as I always carry too many books :0
Easier to nest bag corners with triangles in place.

A touch of fusible right at seam-line makes sure one set stays up, and one stays down/in.

What are you making for holiday gifting?

Mary's Baby

I've never met Mary, she is a new neighbor, friends of her Mom invited me to her shower.

People were extra kind to me when Alex was born, so I'm honored to welcome Mary to the club of motherhood
.....with a quilt, of course:)
I planned a quick whole cloth quilt, just stitching the motifs of this wonderful Oh Deer! (Moda). It is a favorite in my stash, waiting for an extra special occasion like this.

But when I found Pooh's Day in the Park (Quilters O-N-L-Y) in the stash, I got carried away piecing the back....until it turned into a one-block star set in apples and beets (radishes?) on blue by Leslie Beck (Cranston).
See, both fabrics have bees! I call that matching, and ideal for a baby quilt:) And once again I am playing in the gingham stash. Love having an excuse for the geometric in large scale. 

As soon as her little guy is born, Mary has to go back in the Army.
I made Star of Hope so wherever she goes, Mary will know that her baby is wrapped in her dreams.
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