In the meantime...

We are still collecting photo illustrations and fact checking terminology for Part II: Finishing, of our first blog tutorial, Very Easy English Paper Piecing (see previous post). In the meantime, Grandma Mary will be glad to see some progress on her log cabin commission.
Mary requested, "something black and white with a little bit of red." Whenever I hear "a little red," I always think that is a good excuse for a log cabin. This pattern is offset, with larger right & top "logs," slightly smaller on the bottom & left.
Here is a hint I learned working on this project: After the third log is added, it is easier to piece log cabin from the back. Put the upside down block on top, so the new piece/log can be eased in against the feed dogs, and you can manage the 2 opposing seam allowances easier.
Flags of 42 Chain pieced log cabin centers. Does this count as quilt art? Yes, I am too easily amused.

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  1. Nice hint. I think it´s coming out beautiful............ and will truly please Mary.


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