Tiara Time

Mom found this new book and LOLed when she read this paragraph. It's about making more time. So if you need more time to sew, I think you should read this article. As you can see the book is called Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets by Lisa Quinn.

"When my daughter started first grade, we attended parents' night. It was time to get the scoop on what was expected of our little girl and to meet her new teacher, Ms.Larson. It was an interesting experience, as Ms.Larson was quite a character. She had an artsy, ethereal way..... About midway through the evening, she surprised us all by placing a large rhinestone crown on top of her head. She said we should all know about of day that was all her practice of tiara time. I was all ears. Tiara time, she said, was the time of day that was all her own, a time when the children were required to participate in silent, independent study and not allowed to bother her at all. She needed to get certain things done, so when the crown went on, the mouths shut. She kept it on for the rest of the meeting, and I gotta tell you, I sat up straighter at my little desk. There were some stunned stares and a few grumblings among some of the parents. I, however, got on board immediately. I raced home, jumped on eBay, and bid on the shiniest rhinestone tiara I could find. It arrived 10 day later, and I have never looked back."


  1. Oh my gosh, this may be the best idea ever! And I don't even have kids to worry about yet! I actually own a little tiara that I've had for 13 years now, I was a Queen in the summer musical Annie Get Your Gun during high school, and actually just found it in the closet a few weeks ago. John placed it on my soccer ball pillow as a place of honor, hahaha! I love the idea though, of putting it on and feeling no guilt about dedicating myself to some "me time". I will start trying it out!

    I love reading through your blog Ronni, you have the most interesting tidbits :)


  2. Thank you Brandy:) How is your "tiara time" working out? what did they say at Sew-In?


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