More antique hunting trip report

You wouldn't believe the 11 steps I have to take to get pictures out of my phone. So, hope you enjoy these:
Can you name this block for me? Nicely handmade. Well worn. A treasure.
[Still looking for a name to the vintage sewing tool in previous Antique Hunting Trip Report.]
My first penny rug. It features two of my favorite holidays. Charmingly unique.
Lastly, Star in a Star. Clever and homey. Not vintage. From a reproduction catalog.
More later when I've calmed down from fighting with the picture files. Aaarrggg --Mom


  1. That is a beautiful antique quilt. It looks similar to a glorified nine patch but with four patch instead. Couldn't find anything on line's a link to an example of the glorfied nine. I was in a swap several years ago for them..I've got everything cut out, but haven't had the nerve to try the curve sewing yet. I really need to get on with finishing these ufos...there are soooo many!

  2. Edie from named the vintage patterns; Evening Star.
    Good luck with the curves, Free Indeed. Remember, the only hard one is the first one :)
    Happy Quilting --MOM


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