Making the Gardener's Picking Apron

If you click this link you could get the book that shows you how to make these aprons too. Thank you Bramcost Publications for sharing this book!
Remember how you voted on which vintage apron to make from our book review How to Make Aprons? Well, Mom did it! She combined the Pickers Apron (pg. 69) and the Gardening Apron (pg. 84) to make the ultimate one-of-a-kind Gardener's Picking Apron.

Blogger is doing the sideways picture thing again - WHY?!?!
Mom made the apron with with recycled fabric from this denim work shirt.
 Mom uses plates and duct tape for her drafting tools.

Sewing Tip of the Day:  

if you don't know witch is the right side, put a piece of tape on the right side to mark it.

These are the cool buttons for balancing the strings you pull to make a pocket. They are made from pottery and have Celtic Knots on them.

This is how the apron is used. Gather the string to make a basket. Add your own belt.

Plus, Apron also has 2 hanging loops for gardening tools.

You can get this super Gardening Apron for yourself in our Etsy Shop:
UPDATE:  Garden Picker's Apron sold in about 20 hours, Thank You! We will make more as denim shirts become available, so please keep watching RHQ Etsy.

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