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A new installment of Organizing the New Year. And some news about pinning at the end ;)
I love pins. [We're talking dress pins now, not sewing pin cushion type stick pins.] Wish I could wear all my pins at once. Tiny bits of decorative art that travel with you all day. But not so tiny as earrings or most "regular" jewelry. Pins are a proud statement of your style. Plus they draw attention away from .....whatever.

But who has time to dig through jewelry boxes finding the most functional pin for the moment? Plus, artistic selections like pins deserve to be seen all the time. So here is my solution for organizing everyday ready wear pins and keeping them visible:
Pin Pillow; Organize the New Year
Pin Pillow! Same idea as a pin cushion. Dress pins stick right in needlepoint pillow. No need to close their little back latchings.
Plus, this pillow is small; 8"x5" It's easy to stick the whole thing in a drawer when tiny people visit so you don't have to keep saying, "don't touch."

Speaking of Pins, we joined Pinterest this week! Currently, we have 14 Boards (check them out below). Maybe you like some of our favorite things too? If you are a Pinner, do stop by and say "Hi," at RoadHomeQuiltn.
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  1. I love your pin pillow idea! Thank you! BTW, does it take a long time to open a Pinterest account and start Pinning?


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