Vintage quilt upcycled

I found a too well used but really lovely Depression Era Northern Star quilt when I was vintage hunting with my neighbor Mary this Spring. It had already been cut down, so it was oddly sized and wouldn't work on a bed. The new binding was crooked and hideous, and plenty of stains remained, poor old quilt. But it was still too precious to leave unloved in a crowded shop, so I brought had to it home. Finally I decided that Northern Star would be happier repurposed into a new vintage treasure that could be shared and loved all over again.
But I couldn't cut into it. Couldn't do it. So I asked my Twitter Friends for help. @JeanneGwin of The Learning Curve Quilts and Such wrote this amazing poem, just that quick:
Bless this quilt, Oh Lord I pray.
To the owner I say;
Thank you for leaving me this quilt today.
I'm repurposing it in a wondrous way.
 Thanks, Jeanne, it worked!  

Here is a new bag I made from old the quilt.  It is so cuddly warm, and makes the day extra fun when I have get to take a piece of vintage with me everywhere. 

I've made a few extras, and I'd love for you to share one too. Please visit our always FREE shipping  RoadHomeQuilting.Etsy shop. And with special thanks to Jeanne and all the FriendsWhoLiveInMyPhone, you are welcome to use Coupon Code 4FTLIMP for -15% off everything in our RHQ Shop thru December 5th.
Happy Holidays, Friends!

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  1. Super cute purse and I love the poem. It feels like "permission" to give an old quilt new life!


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