Half Sarah's Star

I'm impressed with Jackie's progress in our Quilt It! Challenge. Look at these perfect freehand feathers:

And this quilting design tried in February:  Luv it!

So for this first Sarah's Star project (4th project in Quilt It! Challenge), I'm going to try to quilt like Jackie. Feathers have always eluded me, and they are SEW IMPORTANT to quilting. Jackie says the Sarah's Star block provides ideal contained spaces for practicing feathers. Wish me luck!

While you're waiting to see my feathers try-out, Pearl wants to show you our quilting tools:

Have you tried these? Quilter's Grips by Noble Notions,  and Big Foot by Lynn Graves. They both work great for me. I've tried sticky fingers and larger grips, and two other styles of darning feet. These were worth the upgrade investment.
It is a sweet cloudy cool spring day here - ideal for quilting with all the windows open. Here is what I learned:
You can see my feathers got less loopy and more centered [and more fun!] as my practice progressed! Still plenty of practicing to do, but I feel I'm on the right track at last. Thanks for your inspiration, Jackie! 

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