Mom & Daughter Quilters

If you have met Cristy Fincher and her mother Sharon Schamber, then you know I can't really find words to describe what special ladies they are.
nice people:  Cristy & Sharon
This summer, I've been privilege to learn from Cristy and Sharon. Here are some quilt details and comments form Sharon's trunk show at July's MQG. I know you have already seen all these major award winning museum quality quilts in magazines, so I'm just posting details for Quilt It! Challenge inspiration Pinterest board, and (as I was too excited to hold still long enough to get great pics - sorry) some fuzzy looking quilts that I still can't believe I saw  in real life!
One of the many reasons for this Thankful Thursday post.

Tiniest yo-yo daisies ever.
Spiral maze echo quilting, I see a spider web.
Don't know what you call this (except for Amazing!), but it makes me want to go to the beach.
Sharon says Quilting is sculpture, not just holding 3 layers together.
I want to try this next Quilt It! Challenge block.
An applique block with embroidery.
Sharon may spend 50 hrs. on an applique block.
Whole cloth design; borders/frames are quilted
Can you see the feather shells border?
This is my favorite: very tiny pumpkin seeds with even tinier stippling.
This one is for @SewExcitedQuilt. Something new!
Sharon says embroidery needles won't bend in freemotion quilting like quilting needles do.
A quilting sampler.
Are you warn out yet? I am. Time for a break.
Alex is making raspberry tea:)
LUV this traditional design. Surprise, it's not English Paper-Piecing
Have you tried Sharon's Piec-lique technique?
This epaulet edging has hand stuffed cording.
Sharon develop this technique when she was a wedding dress designer.
What did you do in a former life that contributes to your quilting?
Seriously, tell me! I love those stories:)
Sharon says UFOs are like Ex-husbands. Why would you go back?
Here is an exception. Once Upon a Time is all hand made, needle-turn applique, this quilt waited 14 years for finishing.
And then won NQA best of show.
Sitting Bull's portrait in quilting.
I think Sharon would say the secret to her infinite design styles is having enough technique to go wherever you imagine.  At least, that's what I learned from her quilts.
Beyond unique: Crimson Promises blocks and borders are joined by lattice cording. 400 yards.
No worries, there's a DVD  if you want to try this.
This is a good pic! You can see the variegated dies in appliques and in the cording too.
No to mention, THE QUILTING!
Did you know, the original Emerald Reflections was destroyed in a truck fire?
 This one is a remake. Imagine!
A Perfect Moment also has a sculptured edge,
like her green sister, Memories of Emerald Reflections.
That looks like a great place to end.
packing quilts


  1. Wow! Beautiful. Love that basket weave quilting! Enjoy your tea :)

  2. Oh my, what a collection, and treat for you to see.


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