Coffee Day Quilting

In celebration of Coffee Day (and to help me remember how), I'm posting directions for coffee/tea cup doodle all-over quilting design. Grab a cuppa and join me :)

Begin with an oval, closing on side. Doesn't matter which side. This is the rim of your cup.

Next, stitch/draw the bowl of your cup; just loop from finished edge of oval to opposite side.

Now make a handle.  Start just below rim and finish half way down side of bowl. Be as loopy as you dare!


Here is the only tricky part; adding the saucer. After handle, follow bowl to where it begins to curve into bottom of cup. Right there, break away in opposite direction. Now scoop back around mug with an echo of bottom of cup line.  Close the saucer loop when you reach the opposite turning edge of cup. Try to match the same curve that your saucer started with. Very free hand. I know, scary, right?

You can quit here and wander off to start a new mug, or follow the side-rim of cup up to the top center and draw a steam curl before you leave. Either way, here is where you'll want to spin your project so your next mug is in a different direction. Unless you're in the border, and you just want a row of cups and saucers all facing the same way.
Later, Percolator :)

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