Quilt It! Double Time

The last section of our Quilt It! Challenge is 3 Reverse-T blocks.  For July & August practice, (apologies for being so far behind on blogging), I experimented with quilt doodles.

I had sew much fun! I wanted to develop a go-to background pattern that could work in many sizes. Here are coffee/tea cups & saucers, and a damask style rose.

Percolator corner sets :) I worked these as small as I dared to get lots of practice drawing coffee doodles.

At first, I like the coffee design best. But after looking at these practice blocks for a while....

Now I see that the roses are a better design. Because of the leaves. They breakup the space and actually make the rose doodles clearer.

What can I add to the coffee doodles to create more visual interest?
  • More/larger percolators?
  • Steam curls?
In my next Quilt It! post I'll show how I drew cups and saucers in continuous line.

Only one more Reverse-T Block for our last (September) Quilt It! Challenge practice. Do you have suggestions for what else I need to learn in machine quilting?


  1. I like the idea of steam curls for your coffee cups. What ideas do you have percolating for the September block?


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