Quilt my Chairs

Pinterest convinced me I could do this. Time to refinish ye 'ol dinning room chairs.
Yes, this is my dining room chair. I know, yikes, right?
"Chair, meet Drill."
This soft sanding attachment was less than a $1 at the hardware store.
[Why aren't quilty tools always that cheap? Just sayin'.]
You could use sandpaper instead. But, hey, if you have a drill...
You'll also need:
screwdriver (ask your chair what kind)
mallet (optional)
old towel
old quilt :)
staple gun
3 spraypaints: primer, dark blue, black

Looks better already right? Here's how it goes:
  • take seat off chair w/ screwdriver.
  • sand chair (but don't sand cane back - I learned)
  • dust with old dishtowel
  • spray with primer
  • spray with blue spraypaint
  • spray with black spraypaint
It's VERY dry here, so I only waited 15 minutes between spray coats.
You may want to let them dry longer. 

  • Wrap quilt remnant right over old seat cover (pretend you're wrapping a present) and staple in place.

  • Fit chair onto seat. Mallet is handy for making alignments.
  • Screw chair to seat. [I found screws went right through old quilt, no need to pre-drill holes.]
Seat is covered with more of the old Northern Star remnant.
I takes two coats of spraypaint to cover primer. Blue undercoat gives a nice glow and keeps new black paint from being too stark with old quilt, don't you think?
But wait there's more -
I painted blue roses on top of chair back.
{Did I ever tell you how I learned to paint? Didn't think I would survive Alex's first day of kindergarten, so I invited all the Mom's on the street for a Donna Dewberry painting party to keep me busy until school was out. Hired a craft teacher for the party and we all learned to paint.}

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