Pocket Triage


Alex wanted a skirt with pockets.
No point shopping for anything like that, right?
So I added lining and pockets to Butterick 4686.
(Its the yellow one, View D, except ours is BLUE, of course;)
Butterick 7686-D
I hurried to get the skirt done so she could wear it to last day of school. And I did!
cut pockets in half, close to hand opening, leaving generous seam allowance.
Open seams 5/8".

Except, I should of had her try it on in stages. Alex is right, my made-up pockets are too small.
And lining fabric, while a good choice for dress-pant pockets,
is not strong enough to carry a smart-phone in a skirt. 
What to do?
cut larger pocket "patches" from fashion fabric
I needed to remake the pockets, larger and with stronger fabric,
hopefully without having to take apart the entire new skirt.
Here is how I did it:
Insert patches inside of pockets, right sides together, aligning with cut edge.
Seam and edgestitch pocket patch to original pocket.
With right sides together, stitch outside edge of pocket patches.
Turn over and edge stitch in the other direction- fastest way to make sure you haven't missed anything.
Finish with pinking shears.
Have you done this before?
If you have a better plan, please let me know below- I'm sure there will be a next time;)
Pearl supervises Pocket Triage


  1. Nice save! I used to add pockets to every skirt I made. I ended up making a generic pocket pattern from interfacing to use with all. I always used fashion fabric and double stitched them.

  2. That's what I need to do Valerie, keep templates of pockets and fave collars, etc. I haven't done much ready wear since Alex was small. Guess its time to update those procedures, make room in stash for dress weights, you know. Thanks!


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