New Quilt Formats

Inspired by @AngieQuilts :)
Once upon a first FB friend sent me this WOW! thread painted postcard!!
I had never seen anything like it! I believe Angie pioneered thread-painting in this new medium.

[No worries, you too can get one of Angie's amazing creations in Angie's Textile Art Etsy Shop]
While I still haven't quite got the hang of thread painting and fabric printing like Angie does,
I have been playing with the magic postcard interfacing
its perfect for quilted jewelry!
It took many tries to work out the finishing details over the years since I received Angie's lovely Sunflower Postcard all the way from Cheadle, UK,
but here at last is Hexagon Cuff
Thank you, Angela:)


  1. You're more than welcome and your hexagon cuff is beautiful! It's really unusual - I'm glad to have inspired you :-) x

  2. Angie thank you for visiting our blog. I still remember meeting you on FB...:)

  3. What is "magic postcard interfacing?

  4. Your hexagon cuff is fabulous! It's very versatile as well, looking equally good on your wrist and on the Prickly Pear! BTW, my DD had Prickly Pear Ale the other night, and gave it a thumbs up!


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