Caroling Party Shout Out

Remember Christmas Caroling at Grandma's house? A little snow, everyone bundled up just to go out on the porch and listen to the carolers. Our Grandpa always spent the Autumn cooking crate loads of his old cowboy treat, homemade salt water taffy, as favors for trick-or-treaters and carolers. Sometimes caroling groups were lined up on the sidewalk, there wasn't even time to run back inside for hot cocoa! And we didn't care how many times we heard Jingle Bells, we were always ready to sing along.....

@SandyFowler brought back all those chilly cozy fun memories when she totally surprised me! calling out our Caroling Party Planning in her Podcast yesterday (link at Sandra Beck interview 8/31/15). 
Sandy ends each Heart Filled Holidays Monday morning Podcast with
Christmas Corner, my favorite feature of the whole showwhere Sandy makes sure we get a head start on holiday plans with fun projects and practical advice for updating and maintaining traditions. I'm so thrilled our tradition was mentioned here, Thank you, Sandy!! is my Pinterest Board of Caroling Party ideas for favors, treats, activities and decorations. I've updated the board with new invitation pins, just for "chiming in" ;) Please have a look, as all the pictures for this post are in there. I hope you will find some fun things for your holiday party planning.

And speaking of celebrating us- The Hostess, here is what I've learned from Sandy's book and podcasts about party planning:
  1. Start party planning with a theme, and start your theme with a really focused color. {The above oversized yard-sale mugs became the focus of my caroling party d├ęcor: purple and green plaid}
  2. You don't have to do it all yourself or all at once: pot-luck, assign helpers, consider what can be created in advance, make sure you have time to enjoy your own party! {As an introvert, for sure I'll be asking someone else to lead the singing.}
  3. Disasters will happen and they are not the end of the world, nor necessarily the end of the party. They may even become the best remembered of events;) No fear, Hostess!
You can "chime in" too! Have you hosted a Caroling Party? Remembrances of caroling traditions? Rules you follow for party planning? Or share your party planning board below!

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