Symbols of Hospitality

What says hospitality to you?
The correct answer, of course, is coffee.

As we begin the holidays here celebrating us - the Hostesses, I'm hunting for traditional symbols of hospitality. What do you recognize most as cozy, open door, a true sign of welcome?
  • wreath
  • pineapple
  • Quilt!!!
  • rocking chair
  • pie
  • watermelon
  • coasters
  • gift tags
  • canning jars
  • cupcakes
  • apron
Do you have a favorite theme or symbol I have missed? Is there a sign you associate with a time you felt most welcome? Have you made a welcome quilt?

For this Totally Tech Tuesday, here is a Treasury of Hospitality in Quilts
Always fun to see how quilts are used in artistic ways, and how many other arts reference quilting.

Bonus- here is another Treasury, More Hospitality Quilts,
just for quilt patterns with welcome themes:
Tomorrow we'll post a FREE hexagon quilt pattern with a welcome message!

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