Corvid Complete

At last! Finished my corvid applique project. I learned wool applique from Darlene at a Gilbert Museum quilt show class. As you recall, I had trouble finding a setting for my very primitive plaid applique blocks.
As you can see, I decided on table runner size with 3 equal blocks and 2.5" border. I set the applique blocks in tilted black frames to give them added wight in the design.

It was the feathered sunflower from the Quilt It! Challenge first project that inspired me to finish my corvid appliques. I just couldn't wait to try a full sized sunflower! It just fit, the perfect sized medallion to dress-up the center block.

I used a silky Gutterman brown to quilt the sunflower and outline the crows and the in-the-ditch allover. Should I have used black thread?

The best part of finishing Corvid Applique was seeing it "come home"- back where it started. You see, when I took new table runner to show the girl's at museum quilting bee - they added to the museum's annual quilt show :)  It sure looks nice hanging with the vintage and exhibit quilts, don't you think?  I will leave you with two more pictures of the Quilt Show, open thru Memorial Day if you are in town:

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  1. Very nicely done! Corvid and the post. It looks good hanging there.


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