Those Surprises

You know kids have that little fascination for bikes. They love it and treat their bike like family. They care for it, fix it, ride it, make the little bike happy. I am one of those kids. I love my Quilt Market Meet-Up bike with it's sky blue color, shimmering in the sun. It even has a basket to carry everything that I need in it. You wouldn't believe the look on my face when Mom had created the cutest creation for my bike. --Alex

up-cycle bike basket liner
I made Alex's basket liner from an old work shirt and bunting flags leftover from other (apron) projects. A double recycle project!
Shirt placket is the casing, with shirt front still attached for liner sides. Liner bottom was cut from one of the shirt sleeves. Sides (shirt front) were gathered around oval (sleeve) bottom. The big design challenges were:

  1. Deciding to put the exposed seams on the outside. They really are well hidden by the basket and the bunting.
  2. Giant snaps instead of drawstring casing.[ It is so hot here that sticky Velcro melts off in the garage, so although an obvious choice, that wasn't a real option.]
  3. Shirt pocket section was pieced in center front of basket liner. Gathering made the pocket gap, so skip that step on the front edge if you use a pocket.
Well, all that is left of Uncle Dennis' denim work shirt is the collar, cuffs, and one sleeve. Can you think of another upcycle project that would finish it off?
  Time to go outside for a summertime bike ride :)

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