A Tale of a Tail

Remember my niece requested a Mermaid body pillow?
This is what she asked for, purple and green to match her room.

I finished it in two months (yay) and I could not be happier with how it turned out. The plan worked perfectly.......even if these pictures did not. Have to admit, photography is still hard since my eye surgery.

First of all, Alex drew the tail for me. This was huge help! She doesn't even believe me what a great job she did.

I pieced some fat quarters for the background and fused on the tail. I could have quit right there. With a little blanket stitching, that was all that was requested.

But when I saw how super this variegated purple thread looked (just some old generic thread leftover from my very first quilting project), I decided to up-do my own plan of stitching a mermaid poem around tail/body. I used everything I learned in Quilt It! Challenge and stitch-wrote right on the tail:)

You know how in free-motion quilting, you get in a grove and everything magically stays to scale?
And then the doorbell.....argggg!!!
Yes, I had to restart stitching this simple thing 3 times.  But it is finished:)

Can you read it?
I must be a mermaid
for I have no fear of depths 
and a great fear of shallow living
Here is what I learned about stitching words:
  • Keep a margin same as writing on a page
  • Don't worry, your handwriting will look better in stitches
  • Illustrate your story:  I used a scale motif to separate phrases, add interest, and fill space. 
The End


  1. That came out awesome and I love the sentiment. Alex did a super job!

    1. Sandi, thank you! It's nice to have a helper for the tricky bits:)

  2. That came out awesome and I love the sentiment. Alex did a super job!


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